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Tips For Choosing The Right Mannequins for your Retail Store

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Mannequins are one of the first thing customers see when they enter your store, they  are your silent sales persons and need to reflect your store image. Mannequins are one of the most valuable types of visual display tools in the retail industry. Mannequins allow store owners to stimulate interest and entice customers to make a purchase.  Instead of displaying your garments strictly on hangers and shelves, you can place them on mannequins to create a more realistic appearance. But with so many different types of mannequins, how do you know which one to choose?

1st Tip: Headless vs Full Body Mannequins: Which Once Should I Choose?

This is again dependent on what kind of garments you are selling and how you want the  display to look like. While each of these different mannequins types offer an effective way to display garments and accessories, they each have their own pros and cons that owners should be aware of.

Headless mannequins may give you the opportunity to dress them completely, the only downsize about the headless mannequin, no head. Headless mannequins are typically less expensive to buy than a full body mannequin with a head and they are easier to maintain because there is no hair or make-up that must be maintained. Some believe that headless mannequins are good because they direct customers to look at the clothing. Banana Republic and The Gap use headless mannequins in their store windows.

Full Body Mannequins are often times preferred by store owners; they maximize sales, offer the best visual representation of your garment. The Full Body Mannequins comes with a head. Store Owners who want to accessorize their clothing with hats or earrings will purchase the full body mannequins. You can get more versatility out of full body mannequins by putting different style wigs on the mannequins, which dramatically alters their "personality." However maintaining the wigs and make-up on a full body mannequin can be time-consuming and if it does not stay contemporary looking it can "age" the mannequins.

2nd Tip: Try to invest well into your mannequins and in line with the price of your merchandise. Your mannequins express what your merchandise is all about.

Gloss White Headless Mannequins

Europe Mannequins

Mannequin Mode carries more than just these female and male mannequins. We have a full line of mannequins, dress forms, display heads & wigs, display tables & racks.  We have the displays you can use for your retail store that will help improve sales. Displays are an essential part of successful retail, and it can all start by choosing the right mannequins for your garments. With more questions about how our mannequins can help you, please browse our website mannequinmode.com or call us today at (347) 453-2931

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