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Which mannequins are best for window displays?

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Depending on what you want your window to sell will determine what type of mannequin to use, mannequins with dramatic poses attract more customers when coupled with a theme, they complete a suggestion, in other words use your mannequins like actors and actresses. Lets say your selling athletic wear a mannequin with a running stance/pose will complete the suggestion of action that says lets get moving. Customers can vision themselves running in that outfit and it shows how the outfit will react to their actions it creates a buy now decision. For example take a look at this sports mannequin from mannequinmode.com  you can feel it's energy with it's life like realistic stride.

Pam, Fiberglass Athletic Abstract Egg Head Matte White Female Running Mannequin MM-PB4W02

There are other factors to consider:

When designing you window it is important to consider your inventory. If you are heavy on large size items don't use a petite mannequin, it's says to potential customers I'm small and the larger size customers you need to attract may not feel the item is for them and never come inside to inquire if you have their size. 

Always make sure to cast the right mannequin for the right role in you window scenes, make your window display work to move your inventory. Use a full size mannequin to display full size inventory and if you have ample inventory in all sizes it would be wise to use different size mannequins to reflect that to potential customers these simple tricks can attract more customers that's what you're looking for right? Large department stores pay researchers for studies and the researchers hire secret shoppers to understand how to increase sales and we teach what they have learned to you for free join our newsletter for more tricks of the trade. 

Realistic Plus Size Female Mannequin Fleshtone with Molded Hair MM-AVIS-03

       Full size female mannequin nude and dresse

Female Mannequin Fleshtone MM-GLAM01


      Petite female mannequin nude and dressed

As you can see from the images above the full size and petite mannequins are very different in breast size as well as waist, thighs and hips.

Most good quality mannequins come equipped with a foot rod and calf rod. The petite mannequin shown above is using a foot rod, this is ok and commonly done but the mannequin doesn't look fully dressed. The benefit of the calf rod is to allow you to put shoes on the mannequin to give your display full fashion flair, so consider footwear when dressing the mannequin even if you don't sell them.

Stay tuned for our next blog, the subject will be. "How to become a window display designer"

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